Balancing is a process where we attach lead weights to your rim or alloy at specific points to ensure your wheel spins evenly with the tyre on it.

This will generally solve problems of shaking or vibrations through the vehicle or steering wheel. Balancing takes around 10 minutes.

Stripping and fitting of supplied tyres is removing a tyre from the rim (usually your old one) and mounting another (usually your new one or secondhand) on the rim.

This is included in the cost of any tyres purchased from us.  However, you may already have tyres which you simply need mounted onto your rims, in this case you will be charged per strip, fit and balance.

Tyres are balanced so they run smoothly and wear evenly. Out-of-balance wheels shorten the tyres life and negatively impact on the wear of the car’s suspension joints and shock absorbers. At Coleman Tyre Company Wacol, we have sophisticated equipment to balance wheels and cure your vibration problems.


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