Wheel Alignment Cost Brisbane

Wheel Alignment Cost Brisbane coleman tyres wacol brisbane

A Wheel Alignment is an important service to have preformed on your vehicle. We have written a five part series to provide you with more information:

  • What is a  Wheel Alignment? A Wheel Alignment is a service performed on your vehicle to inspect, ensure and correct the angles of your wheels. It’s about measuring and setting your vehicle’s steering and suspension geometry as opposed to  aligning the wheels. 
  • How do I know if I need a Wheel Alignment? If you’ve noticed that your vehicle, steering is off center, abnormal or uneven tyre wear, increased fuel use, If you’ve hit a large pothole or kerb  and vehicle is drifting from side to side. 
  • Why do you need a Wheel Alignment? The purpose and outcome of a Wheel Alignment  is to ensure your vehicles tyres have maximum contact with the road. This applies to everyday driving conditions like driving straight, accelerating, braking, or turning the corner.
  • How often should you get a Wheel Alignment? There is no set time frame that you must have your vehicle’s wheels aligned, however it is recommended for road safety that at minimum you get a Wheel Alignment twice a year or every 10,000 km’s you travel.
  • What happens during a Wheel Alignment? Here’s what happens during our Wheel Alignment service: Inspect your steering and suspension system, check the condition of your tyres , check your tyres air pressure and much more. 
Wheel Alignment Cost:

Passenger vehicle front wheels only –  $55

Passenger vehicle all four wheels –  $65

4 wheel drive – $75

At Coleman Tyres Wacol, we have expert certified alignment technicians who perform this job on your vehicle. 

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