Why Do You Need A Wheel Alignment?

Just like it’s important to ensure there is reasonable tread on your tyres, it’s highly crucial to make sure that your vehicle’s wheels are properly aligned.  

It’s imperative to stress that a Wheel Alignment will fix your vehicle’s suspension system and not the tyres.

At Coleman Tyres Wacol, we provide Wheel Alignment services that are performed by our expert certified alignment technicians.

The purpose and outcome of a Wheel Alignment  is to ensure your vehicles tyres have maximum contact with the road. This applies to everyday driving conditions like driving straight, accelerating, braking, or turning the corner.

It safeguards you and your family by ensuring that you car will track straight as opposed to pulling to one side under these everyday conditions.

For example if you are driving through the rain and need to break suddenly, you want to ensure your vehicle is going to hold straight instead of veering off the road.

An alignment every 10,000 km’s can greatly prolong the life of your tyres which in the long run is more cost effective.  

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