What happens during a Wheel Alignment?

At Coleman Tyres Wacol, we have expert certified alignment technicians who perform this job on your vehicle.

With over 20 years experience in the tyre industry, we are able to efficiently perform this service to get you car back on the road in no time.

Firstly, the vehicle is driven onto our alignment rack and sensors are attached to each wheel to measure, inspect and check a variety of variables.

Here’s what happens during our Wheel Alignment service:


  • Inspect your steering and suspension system.
  • Check the condition of your tyres.
  • Check your tyres air pressure.
  • Adjust your camber, caster and toe angles (if adjustable) to the manufacturer’s specifications. (Additional parts and labour may be necessary on some vehicles)
  • Road-test your vehicle to ensure your alignment is straightforward.
  • Provide a printout copy containing your vehicles “before” & “after” alignment readings for your record.


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